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What to do when you have completed a training:

Training credit can be received from a number of ways: webinars, conferences, videos, readings, or college courses. Topics must be CASA related (child development/substance abuse/domestic violence, etc.)

A monthly email will be sent listing training opportunities, the volunteer can choose whichever trainings they want to attend. If a certificate is received from a completed training, simply email that to Nichole Dewberry. If the training is completed does not come with an official certificate, a Professional Development Credit Report is needed.

  1. Volunteers will email Nichole when they have completed a training and attach the certificate (if applicable).
  2. Volunteers can input the training information into Optima for pending approval.
  3. If there is no certificate, the volunteer will complete a Professional Development Credit Report Form and send it to Nichole Dewberry.
  4. The supervisor or Nichole will approve the training either with a certificate or the completed Professional Development Credit Report.

    Scan this QR Code for a Professional Development Credit Report